What About Prescription Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an incredibly popular type of lens that people wear in direct exposure to the sun. Prescription sunglasses benefit your vision from being harmed and protect from potentially damaging effects from ultraviolet radiation. They can also be worn as a fashion statement as they are some of the most stylish types of glasses that you can find. Sunglasses are known to help prevent corneas from aging prematurely, keeping them shielded from direct sunlight. It’s kind of like wearing sunscreen when you go outside, except for your eyeballs.

Love Your Eyes, Love Your Glasses

Here at Evanston Lasik, we will show you exactly why people enjoy wearing glasses as much as they do. We will also show you the benefits of wearing these glasses and how you can avoid wasting a ton of money on a pair of glasses that you will not even wear all that often. Selecting the best pair of glasses for you will depend on your personal preferences, but we are ready and willing to help guide you along the way. We are proud to offer one of the world’s widest selections of glasses products for some of the most affordable prices. Now, let us go ahead and get started.

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Different Types of Glasses

Depending on exactly what you need to improve your eyesight, there are multiple different types of glasses available for you to choose from. Sunglasses and corrective glasses are the most common. Regardless of the type that you choose, you will be able to find glasses made with various materials. The three most common categories of material used in the construction of glasses will be plastics, metals, and other natural materials. Multiple types of lens shapes can be useful in different circumstances.

How to Find the Best Cheap Glasses

Finding a good pair of glasses and not spending a ton of money on it may seem like a long shot to you right now, but it is possible. If you are interested in finally correcting your vision, but you still do not want to spend too much money, then the most important thing for you to do is to read the following information. You will find all you need to know about what options are available to help you select exactly what you love, and will feel good wearing.

Materials Used in Glasses Construction

Plastic: plastic is one of the most commonly encountered materials found in the frames of glasses regardless of the type of glasses. These are normally the least expensive option available, and in some cases, they are very durable. Other times, if using a lower quality plastic, they may not necessarily be as strong.

Metal: metal is probably the second most popular material used in the construction of glasses. Multiple types of metal can be used to create your glasses, including steel and gold. Metal glasses are typically stronger than plastic ones for obvious reasons.

Natural Materials: many materials can be used to create glasses. You might find some that are made out of wood, leather, or even bone. These will be the most expensive types that you can find, and they are also the rarest.

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Different Shapes of Lenses

There are multiple types of corrective lenses that can be used. Each one is a little bit different, and it has different benefits for the user. Generally speaking, the stronger the lens’s strength is, the greater the distortion towards the edge of your peripheral vision. Lenses that are drastically too small will reduce your field of view and limit what you can see.

Round: Lenses that are shaped around are the best for correcting myopic vision. The more perfectly round they are, the better the results will be for the user.
Oval: Oval-shaped lenses are similar to round lenses, but they are a little more oblong. They are useful for myopic vision but not as useful as perfectly round lenses are.
Rectangular: Rectangular lenses are often used whenever people have bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses. They allow for a taller lens shape to be used.
Curved Octagon: These are probably the rarest type of glasses that you can find. Most of the time, these are chosen simply for the style.

Specialty Lenses

Bifocal: Bifocal lenses are used whenever a pair of glasses need to have two separate strengths of prescription corrective lenses within one frame. They allow for a single pair of glasses to possessed different optical power levels. They are most commonly prescribed for people that have specific deficits in their vision that require them.

Trifocal: these are similar to the bifocal lenses, but they contain an additional optical power within the lenses. These are normally designed to give you a specific strength for objects that you view up close, objects that you view at an arm’s length, and far away objects. They are very useful for people with specific disorders of their vision.

Progressive: progressive lenses gradually shift the strength of the prescription over a gradient. This creates a smoother shift and can be a little more natural feeling for people with specific conditions of the vision.

If you have tried trifocal lenses and bifocal lenses in the past and were disappointed with the results, you might fare slightly better with a pair of progressive lenses. Unfortunately, these are often the most expensive types that you can find.

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All You Need is a Prescription

The optometrist needs to give you a prescription; that is the only requirement for you to get prescription sunglasses. If you can get an optometrist to give you a prescription, you have no obligation to purchase a pair of frames when you had your vision exam. Often people feel, mistakenly, that they must purchase a pair of frames from the place of business where their vision was examined. This simply is not true, and it can lead to you spending significantly more on your glasses frames and lenses than is necessary. Instead, choose an online store like ours. Because we are online, we have an incredibly large customer base, and we can offer lenses for lower prices than almost any retail outlet will offer. To top that off with the savings that we find because we do not have retail stores, and thus do not have to pay rent, we can pass those additional savings off to our customers.

Fun in the Sun

If you wear glasses, then you are more than familiar with the complications of needing, selecting, and purchasing prescription sunglasses. Look no further. We got you. Through Evanston Lasik, you will find affordable products and guidelines for how to select your favorite pair of shades at an unbelievably low rate. Never again will you pay astronomical prices for another pair of prescription lenses again!

We make it our business to save you time and money.