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Lasik can Last you a Lifetime

Does Lasik last forever? The answer to that question is yes! Lasik eye surgery will last you for the rest of your life for the treatment of vision problems, including astigmatism, being nearsightedness and, farsighted. Lasik uses a high-tech laser to make sure that your cornea stays improved to the best of its focusing ability. Since we all get older, Lasik can prevent your eyes from aging like fine wine. After the age of forty, most people will still need to wear glasses for reading, using the computer, and watching television.

With Lasik today being advanced for your eyes, you and others needing a boost in procedure within the first year following Lasik is extremely low just under ten percent. Although your vision can change when you get older, your vision can still change, but it should remain in great shape.

We Have a Permanent Solution for You

If you have lived with vision impairments your whole life, you are more than familiar with the everyday frustrations of keeping your lenses clean, annual expenses for new frames, why you can’t buy just any sunglasses at the store, or the annoyance of wearing glasses while exercising. You’re not alone. We hear you, and we have the answer.

If you have only recently started suffering from recurring headaches or notice increasingly blurred vision, consider your options before you write a $500 check for trendy frames and prescription lenses. It is worth your time to explore our services at Evanston Lasik in order to make an informed decision about the long-term health and care for your eyes.

Lasik is one of the best gifts you could ever give to yourself. It is a permanent solution to perpetual headaches, blurry vision, and steep expenses in contacts, frames, and prescription lenses. Your answer couldn’t be more crystal clear. Lasik.

Care about your Cornea

Your cornea is a valuable part of your eye since it assists the focus of light to create an image on the retina. The shape of your cornea for many people is never one hundred percent, since your result is usually not in focus or blurry, especially when you get older.

Due to these situations, so many people today want to have their eyesight corrected or improved. Some who may be nearsighted may have trouble seeing distant objects as clearly as near items. If you are similarly dealing with that, a distortion of the retina caused by loopholes in the cornea or lens of the eye can get worse.

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Don't Take your Eyes for Granted

These types of situations are very common, but no one should ever take issues with their eyes for granted. Contact lenses and eyeglasses are made to balance your eye’s imperfections. Surgical procedures today are beneficial to improve your eyes to be the best at correcting vision for a long time. In a Lasik procedure, today’s technology can remove what is needed in your eyes by laser treatment just to remodel the cornea changing its directing ability.

If you have a situation of lid disorders, eye injury, cataracts, Glaucoma, dry eyes, or an eye disease that results in a progressive deterioration of your vision and thinning of your cornea, this surgery can work for you. The benefits of Lasik include very little pain that can help your vision goals.

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Keep Doing What You Love with Lasik

If you decide to have Lasik, your vision will be in great condition for many years. As we all get older, and you love playing tennis, going jogging, or playing basketball in teams or solo, you have nothing to worry about if you are currently wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. Everyone likes to do what they love. You should never let pesky obstacles get in your way.

You may be very satisfied when your surgery is done. Down the road, you may never need to have additional follow-ups and examinations. If you are in a situation that you want to have a follow-up just to make sure your eyes are doing well, your vision is measured under testing of optimal conditions.

Not only that, but you will increase your work productivity. Anyone who works from home or in an office will love the fact that you will no longer need the strain when working on your computer screen because you are nearsighted. If you are in many business meetings and you have myopia, the surgery Lasik can help correct your vision. You will soon feel good about getting back to work with better eyesight.

See your Lasik Results Immediately

Right after your Lasik eye surgery is over, you can soon start to see everyday things from afar rather than what you could not previously. While your eyesight can be blurry at first, you should soon start to be back to normal while you will improve after a few days to within a full week after surgery.

Make sure you check with your doctor within the first two days right after your surgery and have a regular checkup for the first six months. Your doctor will first take away the eye shield before he needs to see how your eyes are progressing. Eye drops may be described for you just to make sure you will not have any inflammation or infection. If you wear contact lens, you may need to wait a few days after using your eye drops if your eyes are slightly blurry.

You will see results in no time. However, to make sure you will not have an infection, do not use creams or lotions around your eyes within the next two to three weeks. Before you are healed, do not swim in a pool or beach for thirty days.

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Lasik Eye Surgery is Pain-Free and Cost-Effective

What about the cost? A Lasik procedure can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 dollars in each eye. Yikes! But maybe think about it like this…

On average, people needing corrective vision products spend anywhere between $300 – $1000 per YEAR on optometrist appointments, contacts, lenses, frames, and not even to mention all the over-the-counter meds you pick up to take care of those pesky headaches from poor vision. Yes, Lasik is a steep expense up front. But never again will you need to purchase expensive products in order to see clearly.

Lasik an opportunity to solve vision problems permanently rather than just putting a Band-Aid over it until your next appointment.

For a clearer, brighter future, call us today!